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About Us

About SKYN Society

At SKYŃ Society, we believe in good ingredients + epic results. SKYŃ Society is cruelty-free + good-to-skin always. 

Born at The Derma Bar™,  a beauty salon, founded by sisters Christina & Teresa Distasio, in Toronto, our community and culture have always been inspired by self-love and self-care. Educating and helping people take care of their skin has always been true inspiration for Distasio's sisters and a goal behind starting SKYŃ Society. 

Creating a good-to-skin formulas and high-performance products, it's no surprise SKYŃ Society quickly became industry icon for spoiling your with  from Unicorn serum, epic masks to beauty tools to tackle all your skin concerns - with skin-transforming results. 

We Believe

Skincare should be fun and affordable. Whether you want to have a self-care at home spa moments, or team up with your besties - your skincare routine should make you feel confident, safe and inspired. 

We only formulate with the highest quality natural ingredients, backed by science. Whatever skin concern, skin struggle, or skin goal, we want to provide you with the knowledge and products you need to achieve your best and most healthy skin yet.